Happy Halloween 2012

Our Happy Little Golfer before heading out the the streets outside of our new home getting some photos taken.  I knew once he started to get candy he wouldn't sit still long enough for me to take any and so I decided to do a photo shoot before we left.  I got some really cute photos.  Check them all out!!!
How cute is he?

I'm three!!!!

Let's go get some CANDY!!!

EVERYONE LOVED HIS COSTUME.  Each person said how adorable he was and I must agree... 
We went downtown this year where they decorate their houses really great for Halloween and it was a neat experience.  The rest of these photos were from downtown.
Noah LOVES his cousin Madison.  He wanted to hold her hand most of the night.

Check out this home.  Gorgeous!!!

This home had TONS of pumpkins infront of it and it looked so cool.  I wouldn't want to have to carve them all though, that's for sure.

Fire Breathing Dragon.  This was a full theater set in front of a home.
FAMILY SHOT at the end of the evening!!!

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