Happy Halloween 2012

Our Happy Little Golfer before heading out the the streets outside of our new home getting some photos taken.  I knew once he started to get candy he wouldn't sit still long enough for me to take any and so I decided to do a photo shoot before we left.  I got some really cute photos.  Check them all out!!!
How cute is he?

I'm three!!!!

Let's go get some CANDY!!!

EVERYONE LOVED HIS COSTUME.  Each person said how adorable he was and I must agree... 
We went downtown this year where they decorate their houses really great for Halloween and it was a neat experience.  The rest of these photos were from downtown.
Noah LOVES his cousin Madison.  He wanted to hold her hand most of the night.

Check out this home.  Gorgeous!!!

This home had TONS of pumpkins infront of it and it looked so cool.  I wouldn't want to have to carve them all though, that's for sure.

Fire Breathing Dragon.  This was a full theater set in front of a home.
FAMILY SHOT at the end of the evening!!!


Well let's hope that in the future we look back at this decision and decide that it was the best thing we did for ourselves at the time.  We decided to move out of our rental home into a condo while Aaron completes his degree.  I guess I haven't written about that yet but Aaron is attending on-line classes to get his Bachelors of Science in Web Design.  He is doing so great but it is taking up more of his time then I think we both expected.  I have found out that Aaron is an Amazing Learner and excels in every subject he has.  Anyway, because of this decision we have made to have him get a degree finances have been impacted.  We are now a small family living a college life.  So moving into a smaller condo seemed smart for us and while there are only three of us it's something our small family can do.  Aaron keeps reminding me that it is only temporary and that we don't own this place, we only rent it so that's comforting to hear.  His University is in Florida and so when he graduates we'd love to get to go there for the ceremony and maybe celebrate at Disney World.  We will see as that time gets closer.  For now we will and are surviving. 


I hosted Bunco at our house in October and decided to make it a little more fun with costumes.  I had everyone bring accessories to costumes and then once everyone was there we got in pairs and then dressed up eachother.  It was fun.  I'm the pumpkin girl in the center with the striped shirt on.  Bunco has been fun.  We meet each month and I always have a good time.

Colter's Birthday Party!!!

Noah got invited to his cousins NASA Birthday Party. Shiloh, my sister-in-law went all out with this party and turned their entire garage into space. All the kids got NASA t-shirts and it was such a blast. Here are photos from the party.
Coloring their Rockets.
The Birthday Boy, Colter
The Garage... A.K.A. SPACE
Noah's cousins.  His favorite kids to play with.  Lacey and Colter.
Treat/Prize Rocket Ships
Our Astronaut.
Shooting Aliens
Noah was practically on top of Colter as he opened his gifts.

Balloon Festival

Went to the Balloon Festival in Boise, ID.  It was lots of fun.  We are always down to bring along picnics for outside events so we packed ourselves up another one and headed to the park.  We met Aaron's Mom and little brother and sister and had a blast all evening long.

Noah's 1st Bowling Adventure

Daddy Helping Noah learn how to bowl with this new little invention they now have for kids.  All he had to do was put his ball on it and let it go.  He had SO MUCH FUN!!!  Couldn't wait until it was his next turn.  Grandma and Aunt Jody were along for all the fun.  Can't wait to do it again!!!

Let's Ride

Aunt Jody had a connection in Las Vegas to allow Noah to have his first Horse Riding Lesson. It was the best experience ever for him. I thought he'd be scared to get on the horse all by himself but he just jumped up on there like it was no big deal. His horses name was Dude and he was such a great little Cowboy.

Let's Fly in the BIG AIRPLANE

Grampy & Grammy gave us tickets to fly to Las Vegas to visit them.  As you can see from the photo Noah was super excited to go on this flight.  He went on a plane once before when he was a baby but nothing he could remember so this was a big deal.
The downside because of bad weather we had to stick around the airport hours & hours before we actually got to depart.  Good thing we had our ipad to keep Noah entertained.  It worked for awhile.
He was so excited because I told him he would be able to get juice and pretzels on the flight.  That's all he talked about.  Because of the long delay it was dark when we took off so he didn't get to see much out the window on our departure.
After a sip of Apple Juice and a pretzel Noah passed out.  Guess that's what happens after no Nap.